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Every Time I Die

Right Guitar Limb- Jordan Buckley
Left Guitar Limb- Andy Williams
Drumming Appendages- Mike Novak
Voice- Keith Buckley




“Gutter Phenomenon (Reissue)”
1.  Apocalypse Now And Then
2.  Kill The Music
3.  Bored Stiff
4.  Easy Tiger
5.  Tusk And Temper
6.  The New Black
7.  Champing At The Bit
8.  Gloom And How It Gets That Way
9.  Guitarred And Feathered
10.  L'astronaut
11.  Pretty Dirty
12.  * BONUS DVD *

Title Details
Catalog #: F067
Release Date: 2006-06-13
Format(s): CD

To this day, historians have not reached a unanimous consensus regarding the birth date of one of underground rock music's most important finds- the calcified remains of a winged, pony-tailed, drunk, hilarious yet sincere, musically inclined andmind-blowingly awesome creature known as Every Time I Die- excavated in the
beautifully scenic and fertile landscapes of Buffalo, NY. What makes this find so remarkable is that according to bioscientists and evolutionary experts, the beast did not DESCEND from anything, nor is it known to have a progeny, though some theologians have gone so far as to claim it came to life when Sam Elliot put out his cigarette in Robert Plants blood. While many field researchers cite its official date of origin somewhere in 1998 when it recorded it's demo, further scrutiny by local pundits reveal that the Every Time I Die spotted by hard rock music fans across the world during the past 5 years is in fact the AWESOMEST version of the species, and is far more musically adept and way more drunk than its original manifestation. While the initial brute entertained throngs of admirers with its refreshingly
enigmatic live show and unorthodox mix of blistering metal, progressive hardcore and melodic sensibility, it was far less refined and lost numerous bass playing limbs as a result of inner conflict and discrepancies over which direction to travel. But musical Darwinism and Ol' Fashioned "Know How" compensated for God's folly
with the releases of the critically acclaimed Last Night In Town, Hot Damn! and Gutter Phenomenon which found the beast growing stronger and more stunning with every harvest moon, doing away with any need for a PERMANENT 5th limb and solidifying it's place in the scheme of the different musical periods.

Its last known release to date, The Big Dirty, is quoted by
important scientists and musical critics as being "the single most valuable contribution to the unifying of musical creationism AND musical evolution EVER." With it's blinding guitar work, it's bowel splintering drumming abilities and lyrical/vocal capabilities that has left the most prestigious literati flummoxed, The Big Dirty has fossilized itself in the moist, squashy pulp of our untrained minds
at a time when man is completely incapable of registering its cultural significance. From it's hooked beak which is lined with 10 rows of fangs which are each soaked in poison which are then set on fire, Every Time I Die has bellowed forth the most audacious sounds of recent history. Its music is unprecedented in its combination of gritty southern rock with melodic hardcore, and from what we can tell from it's bone structure, it was capable of the most spectacularly energetic and personal live shows the world has ever known. Its legacy is that of kings, though its mystery is shrouded with uncertainty and vagueness- some grainy documentation attests to it raging briefly through OZZFEST, while other amateur videos see it's likeness headlining the HURLEY stage of WARPED TOUR. In Japan a local farmer claims to have bought it a Jack and Coke at EXTREME THE DOJO, a German college student swears she was front row at ROCK AM RING, while a couple from the United Kingdom offered it a cigarette at DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL. But most mysterious of all, show-goers in the United States are now coming forward and saying they expect to see it on SOUNDS OF THE UNDERGROUND in a rotating headlining slot this very summer. All of these, purely speculation, for the truth is that we may never know what Every Time I Die WAS, but music cannot deny what it wasn't- NOT fuckin' awesome.


10 for 10 tour