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Keith Holuk - Vocals
Ryan Ober - Guitar
Brandon Whipple - bass
Phil Fonseca -drums




“Your Ghost Is A Gift”
1.  Beyond A Doubt
2.  I'm Sorry You're Ugly
3.  Heart Attack
4.  Judas Complex
5.  The Blackout
6.  Household Stereotypes MP3
7.  Makin' Love To A Murderer
8.  Swollen Eye View
9.  Always, Forever
10.  Dead Man's Bride
11.  Wishing Wells

Title Details
Catalog #: F064
Release Date: 2006-03-21
Format(s): CD

"Ligeia" is a short story written by Edgar Allan Poe and was first published in 1838. One hundred and seventy years later, the story of Ligeia is different, but just as intriguing. Instead of the underlying themes of love and murder, there is now despondency, frustration and a sense of loathing.

Originally formed in the winter of 2003 by Keith Holuk and Ryan Ober, Ligeia solidified their line-up with the additions of Brandon Whipple and Patrick Murphy in 2007. Ligeia has maintained a DIY work ethic since their inception and because of their "take no prisoners" attitude, have played over 600 shows in the last two years, including a highly successful run on the "Two Dollar Brawler" tour in 2007.

Ligeia has toured across the U.S. and Canada countless times, as well as pulling stints in the U.K., Belgium, and The Netherlands. They have toured with such bands as The Acacia Strain, Misery Signals, Haste The Day, Remembering Never, August Burns Red, in addition to many others.

Their debut album "Your Ghost is a Gift" was produced by Ken Susi (Unearth) and released in late March 2006 on Ferret Music. Now, two years later Ligeia returns with the release of "Bad News". With Ken Susi once again handling the producer duties, Ligeia is poised and ready to take the next step.

"Bad News is the story of our lives for the last couple of years," says front man Keith Holuk. "Touring non stop...problems we've faced and overcome, members coming and going. This album is how we feel, it's who we are. We're having fun and we hope the kids like it. And this time around, it's not just about the breakdowns."

After all of the problems, headaches and heartaches, Ligeia has persevered. Unwilling to break or conform, these 4 guys from Western Massachusetts have remained positive. Ligeia is having fun, and they are doing it their way, on their terms. Who knew "Bad News" could be so much fun?


To Die For 2