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For The Love Of...

Harry Hindley - Vocals
John Stanley - Guitar
Scott Winchell - Drums
Dan Sobon - Guitar
Will Karakowski - Bass


“Feasting On The Will Of Humanity”
1.  Crawl To Hide MP3
2.  Silent Isolation
3.  Millennium
4.  Immerse
5.  Further The Shame
6.  Nourish
7.  All Will Be Rid Of
8.  Flatline
9.  Fractured

Title Details
Catalog #: F012
Release Date: 1998-05-01
Format(s): CD

For The Love Of proved to be one of the leading artists in the hardcore/metal progression of the hardcore sound. The In Consequence MCD stands as their final release and sadly hints at the ground the band had yet to cover. In Consequence took the band to new levels of technical perfection. The MCD keeps with the heavy raw feel of the first record while breaking new groud for the band in melody and percussion. Scott's drumming on their final record are just short of breath-taking and add a whole new dimension to the FTLO sound while keeping up the crushing pace of the record. With an amazing recording from NJ's Trax East this record a classic in the Ferret catalog.

FTLO hailed from New Brunswick, NJ and have been one of the pillar hardcore representatives of our scene for a long. As with all things, they have run their course. Leaving behind two great records, FTLO were one of the seminal Ferret artists, we miss 'em. I mean shit... they brought a sledgehammer, pitchforks, an anvil and a gong on stage with them. Sparks flew.


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